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Why Crossfade?

Authentic connectivity with expertise, experience, empathy, execution

We live up to our promises and make actual impact on your business. 

Our clients tend to be in one of these three categories:


Technology Startups

We function like the C-suite for hire that you can't yet afford (and our job is to help you fire us as soon as possible) 

We quickly help you craft the best approach towards securing new business partnerships. Data-driven insights lead to actionable strategy and positive execution. 


You want to optimize your output and make more money with your content and overall digital strategy.

We see tons of deal flow from innovative entrepreneurs. We are connected to big media, big brand, and big agency.

We've been on all sides of the negotiating table from major labels to indies, startups to global enterprise. Brands and agencies of all sizes.

Brands & Media Companies

Nothing engages your audience more than new technologies and pop culture experiences. The challenge is that navigating talent, tech, content, and rights issues is often a nasty gnarly headache.  

We're obsessed with curating great talent, content,  and the right tech to support the activation that lights up your audience


What We Do

Marketing, New Business Partnerships, Sales, Licensing, Media Buying
Global Business Development
Strategy + Activation


Revenue Growth, Marketing, Strategic Partnerships

We have unique access to top decision makers in media, tech, brand, venture capitol, and beyond. That said, it's never enough to just have access. Our team's experience and expertise helps shortcut the process via smart discovery and by crafting the right go to market approach towards closing more high quality deals.

New Business Development

We have access. We have expertise.

We've negotiated software, content, talent deals, partnerships, sponsorships, and licenses with the world's biggest & best known companies in music, media, culture, streaming entertainment and beyond.


Strategy + Innovation + Activation

Everyone is looking to grow their business ....but often companies feel stuck and uncertain how to pivot. We help you find your muse and get your mojo workin'. We excel at creative brainstorms within a business growth framework.

We adjust our process to fit the team we are working with in order to help you assess your strengths, identify the white space for growth, setup a framework for positive innovation, and then help you take it successfully to market.


".... a founder's best friend. His ability to add value to any startup is matched only by his generosity of spirit. Aside from being a talented connector/advisor/domain expert, Jon is a remarkable human being. If he is willing to join your team, don't think about it. Just turn to whatever god you believe in and thank him for sending Jon your way. "

from the founder and CEO of Boatyard.com

Nathan Heber
CEO Boatyard.com

Jon was a critical advisor/investor to CrowdAlbum and to me as CEO including:
- crafting overall business strategy
- building empathy for our core clients (artists and their teams)
- building our user (artists, etc.)
- corporate development strategy and deals (fundraising, M&A, etc.)

I really enjoyed working with JV and think any company that can get him involved is extremely lucky."

from the founder and CEO of CrowdAlbum (acquired by Spotify)

Tracy Chan
Head of Twitch Music

"I am fortunate enough to experience first hand the exceptional caliber. Extremely strategic, highly and deeply connected across the media and entertainment industry, nothing validates my recommendation like meeting people that know Jon for longer than I do. Jon has exceptional drive and always meticulously align strategy with people and organizations we meet. Jon is the type of guy that forces you to become better every day by being a powerful role model."

from the former head of sales at Radian6 and Affinio

Michel Chiasson
CRO/Sales Head


The Crossfade Crew

Crossfade Partners is an exceptional grouping of entrepreneurs, company builders, team builders, mentors, and connectors with real access and true expertise. We’re committed to driving value to our partners first.

We believe that data-driven insights lead to killer strategy, and smart strategy enables remarkable, executable, sustainable growth plans when you go to market.

We understand the value in both sizzle and steak, the show & the business. In balance and target focus.

Here are a few of the partners we've done deals with:

Google | You Tube | Samsung | Apple | Spotify | Amazon | Verizon | Twitter | Facebook | AT&T | Adobe | Pandora | Universal Music | Sony Music | Warner Music | Kobalt Music | Pepsi Co | Mastercard | Lionsgate | R/GA | Sprite | Absolut | ABInbev | LiveNation | AEG | RocNation | CBSi | Hearst | CondeNast | General Motors | Mastercard | R/GA | McCann | Frukt | Cadillac | Emmis | Marine Max | 

Many others

jv headshot small copy.jpg

Jon Vanhala - CXO/Founder

JV is a tenacious, creative coalition builder & strategist who seeks and finds the best ways to get to market, light up your targets, and close more deals. A natural connector, coach/player, leader/wingman. He's equal parts data driven and creativity driven. Jon's been head of digital for the largest record label on the planet, and has helped the earliest of early stage startups. He grew up a performing musician, spending 20k+ hours practicing, rehearsing and drilling on improvisation within a framework. He sits on the Board of Affinio & Boatyard.com, the Board Of Trustees at Museum Of Pop Culture, advisor and angel to multiple startups including Boatyard.com, Strobelabs (Acquired by Ticketmaster) and Crowdalbum (acquired by Spotify), indie.ninja, and many others

Currently focused on quality music (always), consumer insights, segmentation, marketing automation, content management & metadata, more. 


Partners & Advisors

Bill Campbell: Global Business Development, Licensing, Negotiations (NYC) (Universal Music, Sony Music, too many startups to list)

Erin Yasgar: Brand Strategist, Marketing Analytics, Digital Media Buying and Planning (Los Angeles)

Robert Neal: C-Suite in enterprise & big data software. Startup Mentor, Strategic Partnerships. Co-Founder at East Valley Ventures.


Client Partner Highlights:

impact + uplift = #clienthappiness

We connect our clients to the biggest industry names on the planet




Signal Fox








Groove Guild


Museum Of Pop Culture








Silver Lake Digital

2442036_UMG_logo (1).jpg

Universal Music Group


Digital ReLab


Where Hip Hop Lives

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 9.16.20 AM.png



Emmis Communications




Shift Energy


Inception VR








Sony Music






Warner Music


East Valley


Verve Records




Def Jam Recordings


Hot 97 (Where Hip Hop Lives)


Thesis Ventures


Music Startup Academy


Collector's Cafe


Music Biz Association

Client 2

Stealth (multiple clients)


evolution | change | innovation

Why Crossfade ?

​A Crossfader is a transition tool used in film, tv, and music production. Used as a verb (used with object), cross-faded, cross-fading.

1. to fade out (an image or sound) while simultaneously fading in a different image or sound.

2. a transition from today's status quo to a better new and better tomorrow.

At Crossfade Partners, we love disruptors and disrupting, yet understand that positive change at a large scale is often more about tenacious evolution than instant revolution. ​


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Our home base is New York, NY and partners located in Los Angeles, London, Miami. Nashville

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